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  • ALL NEW Model Album

    This season we are offering a new way to view and interact with our collection in addition to our traditional sample book format. This Model Album consists of a select group of beautiful mock-ups inspired by the world's leading fashion houses while using our fashion forward fabrics. It also contains additional information which will help you communicate our added value to your clients.

    Our Model Album is also available to you digitally upon request to


    1st of September, 2020

  • Our USW Fall-Winter 2020-2021 Collection is Here! We Will Be Distributing in September

    We are glad to announce that our NEW collection comprises 6 beautiful        mocha brown books:

    - The World Of Plains (FW-900)

    - Gallant Suitings (FW-905)

    - Vitale Barberis Canonico (FW-910) (Canada Only)

    - Luxor Jacketings (FW-915)

    - Chic Casual Comfort (FW-920)

    - Colombo Cashmere (FW-930)

    In addition, our existing suitings book Drago (FW-815) will continue to be supported throughout 2021.

    Books Available & Still In-Service

    At the beginning of every season, we update the list of books that we continue to service. You can view this by checking out our product/fabric gallery.

    For any other book inquiries please call the office at 1-800-361-9853


    15th of August, 2020

  • Digital Catalogues

    With social distancing in full effect, we’ve created digital versions of all of our Spring Summer 2020 books so that you can continue serving your clients remotely.

    Using these catalogues to show fabrics via email and text is a great way for you to maintain your valuable relationships with your clients throughout these unique circumstances.

    We have sent you an email with access to these catalogues.


    10th of June, 2020

  • We're Very Excited To Be Back!


    We want to welcome all of our dear friends and clients back to Spring-Summer 2020.

    With a vibrant and comprehensive collection of summer fabrics at our disposal, the team at USW-Shirtex is ready to help you jump into the revitalizing summer that is underway.

    Our collection is fully landed in Canada and ready to ship anywhere around the world so you can get the most out of this summer's burgeoning demand

    All the best,

    Your USW Team 


    21st of May, 2020

  • Spring-Summer Fashion News Update

    Europe's latest fashion.

    The newest and most noteworthy trends of Spring Summer 2020 are Natural Stretch fabrics and Bold Check Jacketings. To find out more, please consult the email that we have recently sent you.


    7th of March, 2020


  • Download the New SS-2020 Fabric Catalogues

    As part of the launch of Villa Borghese and the USW SS20 collection, we created a catalogue for each of them as a sales tool to help you get familiar with our fabrics and pass on that value to your customers.

    We have already distributed the printed versions to you with your sample books but you can also download the digital version HERE


    7th of February, 2020


  • The Latest Addition to Shirtex is Here: Villa Borghese!

    Villa Borghese Album is the new addition to our Shirtex collection. It will be available to you at the beginning of February. This is a 2-year program (2020-2021) and will be supported until the end of 2021!


    13th of January, 2020

  • Our USW Spring-Summer 2020 Collection is Here! We will be Distributing Beginning February

    We are glad to announce that our collection comprises 5 new beautiful books:

    - The World Of Plains & Kid Mohair (850)

    - Mirage Micro Designs (855)

    - Natural Stretch (860)

    - Debonair Suitings (865)

    - Lana-Seta Jacketings (870)

    In addition, our eveningwear events book Noir (775) will continue to be supported for the complete year of 2020.


    13th of January, 2020

  • Noir continuing for Spring-Summer 2020

    Our Noir events book will be supported for the SS20 season as it is a 2 year program that began in SS19! All cloths will remain to be available, however it is still important to check the cancellation list as some cloths could temporarily go out of stock.


    2nd of December, 2019