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  • The Latest Addition to Shirtex is Here: Villa Borghese!

    Villa Borghese Album is the new addition to our Shirtex collection. It will be available to you at the beginning of February. This is a 2-year program (2020-2021) and will be supported until the end of 2021!

    13th of January, 2020

  • Our USW Spring-Summer 2020 Collection is Here! We will be Distributing Beginning February

    We are glad to announce that our collection comprises 5 new beautiful books:

    - The World Of Plains & Kid Mohair (850)

    - Mirage Micro Designs (855)

    - Natural Stretch (860)

    - Debonair Suitings (865)

    - Lana-Seta Jacketings (870)

    In addition, our eveningwear events book Noir (775) will continue to be supported for the complete year of 2020.


    13th of January, 2020

  • Happy Holidays!

    We wish you all great holidays, and a chance to spend some quality time with your family and friends!



    16th of December, 2019

  • Noir continuing for Spring-Summer 2020

    Our Noir events book will be supported for the SS20 season as it is a 2 year program that began in SS19! All cloths will remain to be available, however it is still important to check the cancellation list as some cloths could temporarily go out of stock.

    2nd of December, 2019


  • CTDA exhibition in January 2020

    USW & Shirtex is proud to announce that we will be exhibiting at the next CTDA trade show in New York City at the London Hotel in January. We would be glad to meet with you and introduce our updated Shirtex & USW collections for the Spring-Summer of 2020.


    10th of November, 2019




  • NEW Shirtex album Spring-Summer 2020

    In addition to the existing albums which you carry at the moment, we will be introducing an additional NEW album in January 2020.

    Please note that the current Shirtex collection will be available all throughout 2020.


    1st of November, 2019


  • USW Fall-Winter 2019 Product Info Catalogue!

    This catalogue explains the main features of our Fall-Winter 2019 collection. It was designed to be a helpful sales tool for you to better understand our products. 

    If you are interested in receiving this catalogue please email or call 1-800-361-9853


    15th of September, 2019


  • NEW Drago Vantage 3 Book For The Canadian Market ONLY

    This collection is a 2 year program ending in 2021. It is a new version of updated classics in Super 130's, all available in Montreal for next day delivery.


    1st of September, 2019

  • Online Sales Order Form: Simplified + Live Fabric Availabilities

    Recently we re-designed our online order form. All you need to do is fill out your company’s name as well as your email address and you will receive a confirmation of your order.

    Our service department is always ready to assist you through this process. Please call us at 1 (800) 361-9853 or email at


    1st of August, 2019

  • NEW Fall/Winter 2019 Collection Now Available

    The USW Fall/Winter 2019 collection is now AVAILABLE in a set of 3 large sample books: World of Plains (800), Gallant Suitings (805), and Luxor Jacketings (810).

    These books are made in a double sided format for a more practical and easy use.


    1st of September, 2019

  • HD Fabric Photos Available

    These HD photos are of much higher quality than those currently displayed on our website and can be therefore used to examine the quality and construction of our fabrics. We did this so that you could forward them to your clientele.

    If you are interested in receiving this catalogue please email or call 1-800-361-9853


    1st of August, 2019

  • Continued Stock Availability On Colombo Cashmere And VBC Suiting Books

    The Colombo Cashmere book (725-burgundy), which was launched in Fall/Winter 2018 is featured on our website and will be supported until August 2020.

    The VBC book (610) containing Super 150's, 120's & 110's will be supported until August 2020 for the Canadian market only.

    Please check all fabric availabilities on our live cancellation list!


    1st of August, 2019