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    PLEASE NOTE: All Books and Albums featured on our Product Gallery are current and available. 


    Introducing the new SHIRTEX Album 2024-2025:


    Villa Borghese - Champagne Album


    We are proud to introduce our new USW Book Collection.

    The New SS-2024 Raspberry Books for USW are:


    • Book S-350  The World Of Plains & Kid Mohair

    • Book S-355  MIRAGE - Micro Designs  Blazers & Plains

    • Book S-360  Natural Stretch

    • Book S-365  DEBONAIR Suitings & Jacketings

    • Book S-370  Lana/Seta - EXOTICA - Jacketings



    N O I R   E V E N T S

    Please maintain the Book S-275 which remains valid throughout 2024-2025


    We are continuing our commitment to providing you with only the best:

    • Cloths; all designed and made in Italy

    • In-Stock service with fabrics available from Canada

    • Modernity upheld with a chic, luxury fabric collection

    • Knowledgeable and courteous personnel

    • A Complementary Shirting Collection

    • Fair market value offered to our members

    • Online product photo gallery with availability confirmation

    • Simplified online order form

    • Daily Cancellation List updates


    We wish you all a great SS-2024!




  • THE SPOTLIGHT ON SHIRTING:  Sictess,Villa Borghese, Fantasia Pistacchio & Mauve Albums!

    Our varied shirting collection will be available and supported throughout 2024

    1st of September, 2023



    PLEASE NOTE: All books and Albums featured on our Product Gallery are current and available.

    The New SS-2023 books for USW are:

    Book 250 The World Of Plains
    Book 260 Natural Stretch

    Book 265 Debonair Suitings and Kid Mohair

    Book 270 Lana & Seta Jacketings

    Book 275 NOIR Events

    Please keep the following books:

    Book 815,    Book 910,    Book 930   

    as well as Book 975 -  NOIR Events 

    The New SS-2023 Book and Album for Shirtex are:

    Fantasia Mauve Album,

    Sictess Blue Book

    NB: we are maintaining the

    Pistacchio Album and the current Blue Sictess Book 


  • It is with confidence that we look forward to the coming Spring Season SS-2023.  We have been working hard to bring you lots of new designs and we have a great  collection lined up. It will be available soon. Look for news of our launch of both USW books and Shirtex Sictess book and Fanatsia Vintage Album at the beginning of February.

  • We wish you a very Happy Holiday!


    In view of all the disruptions which has occured this past year, taking everyone by surprise, we would like to reconfirm to you that we are commited in providing you, our trusted client, always the highest standard of EXCELLENCE.

    • All our fabrics are always stocked in Canada (in our premises)

    • All books along with designed photos posted on our website are active and supported.

    • Our complete collection of suitings, jacketings, and shirtings are authentically "Made in Italy".

    • Our worldwide delivery logistics is a door to door service.

    • Our complete personnel are present and ready for any services or inquiries.

                                                Thank you for your confidence!


    23rd of August, 2021

  • We Are Going Paperlesss!

    Going forward, in order to become ecological we are going paperless. As of this month we will no longer physically mail our cancellation list. You are kindly invited to check all fabric availabilities on our website. All fabrics are updated daily!


    1st of January, 2021